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FAQs for the PocketBra®

Q. What is PocketBra®?

A. PocketBra® is an innovative woman’s bra that has pockets for all things that a woman wants to keep safe and accessible.  The pocketbra keeps everything safe, secure and accessible in a comfortable, fashionable manner.

Q. Why PocketBra®?

A.  Women have been storing items in their bras for years. Traditional bra storage can be sweaty, bulky, unstable and can make you look deformed. With strategically placed pockets, all of those problems are solved.

Q. How many pockets does it have?

A. Pocketbra® has a pocket in each cup and one on each side panel. 

Q. How does my personal item stay inside the pocket?

A. The elasticity of each pocket keeps items secure.

Q. What if the bra doesn’t fit?

A. Please return it for a free exchange. We want you to be happy.

Q. Is it safe to store your phone in your bra?

A.  When we designed and created the PocketBra®, we had a single, driving goal in mind: the empowerment of women. Whether you’re an athlete, a traveler, a student, or a Mom on the go, the PocketBra® is both a comfy piece of clothing and a valuable accessory that frees you from the inconvenience of a handbag. From storing credit cards, money, keys, to insulin pumps and other life-critical devices, PocketBra® uses are as unique and diverse as the women who wear it.

 Mobile phones have become a popular accessory used with the PocketBra®. Though the PocketBra® is not designed to hold mobile phones specifically, smaller models fit conveniently within the bra’s pockets. Because of this rising trend of usage, some customers have raised questions about the possibility that mobile phones that are kept in the PocketBra® could increase the user’s risk of developing breast cancer. Safeguarding our health is the ultimate empowerment, and this is a question we take very seriously, as the fight against breast cancer is among the foremost issues of our time.

 Consultations with experts in the area of mobile phone safety have convinced us that carrying mobile phones in the PocketBra® is not a good idea, and we have therefore made it our official company position that mobile phones and other transmitting wireless communication devices that are in “operating mode” should not be carried in the PocketBra® at any time. Mobile phones are in “operating mode” when they aren’t turned off or aren’t set to “airplane mode.”

 We also understand, however, that not everyone will follow our risk management recommendation — ultimately, you have the final say when it comes to your body. So we have made it our policy to offer other safeguards to ensure that potential risks are managed as much as possible.

 To that end, we have arranged for our customers who choose a different path to be afforded a “safety net.”

  • To help minimize dangerous exposures, we have partnered with Quanta Group, Ltd. to make available for our customers the Quanta-Guardmobile application. This downloadable app monitors output from your mobile phone and, when the output exceeds the safety standards set by the S. Federal Communications Commission, the transmissions from the mobile phone are disabled until its emissions come back into safety compliance. This ensures that you are not exposed to emissions that are considered dangerous by regulatory authorities. The specifics for purchasing and downloading this app to your device are included both in the PocketBra® package insert and on our website. 
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer are keys to long-term survival, and to help in this regard, we have partnered with both the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the American Cancer Society, the leaders in the charge against breast cancer in the U.S., to convey to our customers Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Guidelines. These links below will take you there.




While no one knows for sure the impact of mobile phone use on breast cancer, we believe in taking a precautionary approach to ensuring your safety.

Knowledge is power, and empowerment is our policy.

Personal message from Sherry About Breast Health

Our Customers Like Us :)

LOVE my pocket bra! Finally a bra that is PRETTY and useful! I wear it under a T-shirt for walking and riding my bike. My Ipod Nano fits nicely in the pocket and I just thread the earbuds through the top of my shirt. This bra is a great addition to your workout wardrobe…..it frees you from your handbag!
— Denise V.
I got home from New York last night to find my PocketBra waiting for me! It's so beautiful and comfortable- I'm going to be wearing this A LOT! Thank you a million times over!
— Ingrid
I love my Pocket Bra! Living in a big city, carrying a purse around every where can be a hassle but with my pocket bra I don't have to worry about my phone, credit cards, or cash because I know they are secure and close to me. My favorite thing about my pocket bra? It's sexy and lacy look that hides my items without any bulges showing through my shirt. I would buy one in every color if I could!
— Alyssa
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