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  • PocketBra® for Diabetics Insulin Pumps
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    Sherry Goff
PocketBra® for Diabetics Insulin Pumps

I received a note from a mother of a diabetic who thanked me for creating pocketbra®.  Her 20 year old daughter has had diabetes since she was 4 years old and she wanted to let me know that pocketbra® was a game changer for her  insulin pump.  She said she wished she had found pocketbra® sooner and thanked me for making "this great product".

Knowing that I was able to make this young woman's life a bit easier is so incredibly rewarding and makes me so very happy.

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    Sherry Goff
Personal message from Sherry About Breast Health

Our Customers Like Us :)

LOVE my pocket bra! Finally a bra that is PRETTY and useful! I wear it under a T-shirt for walking and riding my bike. My Ipod Nano fits nicely in the pocket and I just thread the earbuds through the top of my shirt. This bra is a great addition to your workout wardrobe…..it frees you from your handbag!
— Denise V.
I got home from New York last night to find my PocketBra waiting for me! It's so beautiful and comfortable- I'm going to be wearing this A LOT! Thank you a million times over!
— Ingrid
I love my Pocket Bra! Living in a big city, carrying a purse around every where can be a hassle but with my pocket bra I don't have to worry about my phone, credit cards, or cash because I know they are secure and close to me. My favorite thing about my pocket bra? It's sexy and lacy look that hides my items without any bulges showing through my shirt. I would buy one in every color if I could!
— Alyssa
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