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  • Berkshire Eagle Interview - Sherry Goff Invents, Patents PocketBra™!
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    Sherry Goff
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Berkshire Eagle Interview - Sherry Goff Invents, Patents PocketBra™!

Berkshire Eagle Interview - Sherry Goff Invents, Patents PocketBra

The PocketBra™ is a wonderfully versatile invention. While many people believe that this bra is a sports bra, Sherry insists that it is much more. Available in sizes up to 38D, this bra has allowed women to wear everything from keys and cash to insulin pumps and glucose meters.

Features Of The PocketBra™

The bra features four pockets - one on each side and two in the front (one in each cup). These pockets making it easier to carry everything you need without carrying a purse. You can wear a pocket bra to the park or even a nightclub and not have to worry about losing valuable items.

Berkshire Eagle Interview With Founder Of PocketBra™, Sherry Goff

In an article titled A Comfortable Convenience: County Woman Creates, Patents the “PocketBra™”, Derek Gentile interviews Sherry Goff about her invention. Goff invented the PocketBra™ after a failed marriage and all of her kids were grown. She says the idea was born out of necessity. An athletic woman who enjoys walking, she decided that something needed to be done to help women out.

At first, she thought the idea was so simple that someone had to have already thought of it. But, they hadn’t. She filed for a patent in 2011 making her PocketBra™ the only one of its kind with a patent.

While the original product was designed to help women carry their money, keys and credit cards while doing activities where carrying a purse is not feasible, many people are using these bras to carry many different items.

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    Sherry Goff
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Our Customers Like Us :)

LOVE my pocket bra! Finally a bra that is PRETTY and useful! I wear it under a T-shirt for walking and riding my bike. My Ipod Nano fits nicely in the pocket and I just thread the earbuds through the top of my shirt. This bra is a great addition to your workout wardrobe…..it frees you from your handbag!
— Denise V.
I got home from New York last night to find my PocketBra waiting for me! It's so beautiful and comfortable- I'm going to be wearing this A LOT! Thank you a million times over!
— Ingrid
I love my Pocket Bra! Living in a big city, carrying a purse around every where can be a hassle but with my pocket bra I don't have to worry about my phone, credit cards, or cash because I know they are secure and close to me. My favorite thing about my pocket bra? It's sexy and lacy look that hides my items without any bulges showing through my shirt. I would buy one in every color if I could!
— Alyssa
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