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10 Reasons to Ditch the Purse


10 Reasons to Ditch the Purse and wear a PocketBra™


Let’s face it. You no longer find pockets in most women’s fashion apparel – for instance, leggings, dresses, skirts and tight pants. Today’s fashion has left young women with a shortage of pockets. So, where do we turn? Purses… However, society is changing, along with societal needs. I believe every woman should rethink their choice of accessory for the following reasons:


  1. You can be FREE with PocketBra™.

Purses slow us down. It’s a liberating feeling not having to worry about a purse. Try it!


  1. There is never a safe place to put a purse.

Whether you are at a club, restaurant or concert there is no safe place to leave your things without worrying. So how are you supposed to dance and enjoy yourself without thinking about your purse every 30 seconds? And please don’t be the girl left to look after your friends’ belongings when they are dancing and having a good time.


  1. Your items aren’t handy in a purse.

We all love digging around our purses just to reapply lip gloss and missing phone calls because we couldn’t find our phone under all of our junk…NOT. If only we could keep our valuables close to us at all times…


  1. Purses can’t keep up with our busy lifestyles.

Our busy lifestyles are not meant to be spent constantly switching purses, finding places to put them and misplacing them. Purses add unnecessary stress to our lives.


  1. There is no longer a need to lug around a bunch of items.

Let’s be realistic. All you really need when you go out are a few items – money, credit card, keys, ID and lip gloss.


  1. Purses are expensive.

Purses no longer serve the purpose of functionality. They have become a status symbol. However, having multiple purses for every occasion gets extremely expensive.


  1. With purses, our items are easy to misplace.

Having multiple purses, you often switch your bags for different occasions. However, that results in not remembering which bag you left your wallet in. Ultimately, wasting your time!


  1. Purses are not safe.

Purses leave women vulnerable. You can easily find yourself a victim of mugging when your valuables are in sight.


  1. Purses are annoying.

If you are like me, I would prefer not to have a strap falling off my shoulder every few seconds. You always have to be holding it against you. Sometimes, you just want to let loose and dance!


  1. Purses hold women back.

Purses can be constraining in a society where women are constantly pushing themselves to achieve success.




There is now a solution!


Stop stashing all of your things in your boyfriend’s pocket when you go out. There is now a new and exciting alternative to purses that you are going to LOVE! Finally you can ditch the purse with the first-ever, patented PocketBra™!

A College Girl's Lingerie Secret

by Morgan Lucas

As a recent college graduate, I have a secret to share with you that has made my life so much easier! Freshman year, I would always lose my keys, ID, and money whenever I went out. I was constantly spending my Sundays retracing my footsteps, making trips to the Apple store and finding ways to minimize my losses. I am sure many of you can relate to this frustrating practice, especially if you are in college.

Although purses provide easy transport for your money, ID and keys when you go out, there is never a safe place to put them. Whether you are at a concert, nightclub, fraternity party or simply on your way to class, purses are always slowing us down. Since all I really needed to keep with me during the night were just a few items, I would keep them in my bra or my boyfriend’s pocket. However, my items would move around in my bra, become sweaty, and were visible.

Then, I discovered the PocketBra™! It has 4 pockets – 2 on each side and 2 in each cup. Also, the padding in the bra keeps items hidden. Now, I can keep my essentials close to me and accessible.  Ever since I started wearing the PocketBra™, I haven’t lost anything and always have my valuables with me at the end of the night. Why have a bra without pockets when you can have a bra with pockets?

It’s a strange feeling going out without a purse - until you realize you don’t need it and you don’t want it! It’s so liberating. You have to try it to really understand what I am talking about.

Now, I can dance and enjoy myself without worrying about my valuables!  Going out without a purse is the greatest feeling.  I feel so free and have such a great time with my friends. I highly recommend this bra for ALL women. It’s not just a bra for going out, but it is a bra for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle. We have enough to worry about – why add to it? The PocketBra™ completely eliminates stress so you can embrace opportunities and enjoy what life has to offer, while keeping your items safe, secure and easily accessible. Accomplish more with the PocketBra™!


Berkshire Eagle Interview - Sherry Goff Invents, Patents PocketBra™!

Berkshire Eagle Interview - Sherry Goff Invents, Patents PocketBra

The PocketBra™ is a wonderfully versatile invention. While many people believe that this bra is a sports bra, Sherry insists that it is much more. Available in sizes up to 38D, this bra has allowed women to wear everything from keys and cash to insulin pumps and glucose meters.

Features Of The PocketBra™

The bra features four pockets - one on each side and two in the front (one in each cup). These pockets making it easier to carry everything you need without carrying a purse. You can wear a pocket bra to the park or even a nightclub and not have to worry about losing valuable items.

Berkshire Eagle Interview With Founder Of PocketBra™, Sherry Goff

In an article titled A Comfortable Convenience: County Woman Creates, Patents the “PocketBra™”, Derek Gentile interviews Sherry Goff about her invention. Goff invented the PocketBra™ after a failed marriage and all of her kids were grown. She says the idea was born out of necessity. An athletic woman who enjoys walking, she decided that something needed to be done to help women out.

At first, she thought the idea was so simple that someone had to have already thought of it. But, they hadn’t. She filed for a patent in 2011 making her PocketBra™ the only one of its kind with a patent.

While the original product was designed to help women carry their money, keys and credit cards while doing activities where carrying a purse is not feasible, many people are using these bras to carry many different items.

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PocketBra is Liberating!

I love to walk in the early morning hours with my rescue dog Pebbles.  I was constantly putting things in my bra during these walks, or my credit card and car key in my bra when I wanted to shop.  But I was always worried something would  slip out of my bra and I would lose it.  So even though my hands were free I still worried about my personal items.  That is when I realized I needed pockets in my bra.  Now I put things in my PocketBra™ and I am liberated!  I no longer worry about my credit card being lost or my keys slipping out and into the toilet.  I can get up and dance and not have to carry a purse onto the dance floor or ask someone to watch it for me.  I can have a drink at a bar and not worry about where to put my purse, or if it is hanging totally exposed on the back of my chair. I have everything I need but I am free.  PocketBra™ gives me the ability to enjoy life without the constant headache of carrying a purse around.  It has empowered me and I am hoping it will empower you.  PocketBra™ was designed for the young woman on the go.  You are trendsetters, fashionable, social and active.  You choose not to lug around a bulky purse and you certainly dont want a bulge in your well planned outfit.  You want to enjoy being purse free while traveling, shopping, biking, exercising, going to a sporting event, going to a business meeting, going to class, partying, tailgating, hiking/walking, horseback riding, dating.  You name it.  The first ever patented bra with pockets gives you the freedom of being hands free, allowing you to do more, accomplish more and enjoy more.

Trip To The Park? There’s A Pocket For That!

Taking your child to the park can be stressful enough without worrying about your purse. Many moms choose to leave their purse in the car to avoid carrying it around all day. This can result in multiple trips to the car to retrieve items you may need. Items such as money, keys, and first aid supplies.  These items can easily be carried using a PocketBra™.

First Aid Supplies

Accidents happen. Kids fall on the playground all the time. While a scraped knee may not seem like an emergency to an adult, to a child it may be the end of the world. With our pocket bra, you can carry the necessary first aid supplies to handle all those scrapes and cuts. From small packets of antibiotic ointment to bandages, gauze and tape, you will be prepared for any accident that may occur.


Hot summer days are characterized by a visit from the ice cream man. Busy playgrounds are a frequent stop for these cold treat sales people. Leaving your money in your car can cause your child to miss out on a much needed ice cream cone. The good news is that with our uniquely designed bra, there is a pocket for that. You will have quick access to your money without the need for a wallet or purse.

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LOVE my pocket bra! Finally a bra that is PRETTY and useful! I wear it under a T-shirt for walking and riding my bike. My Ipod Nano fits nicely in the pocket and I just thread the earbuds through the top of my shirt. This bra is a great addition to your workout wardrobe…..it frees you from your handbag!
— Denise V.
I got home from New York last night to find my PocketBra waiting for me! It's so beautiful and comfortable- I'm going to be wearing this A LOT! Thank you a million times over!
— Ingrid
I love my Pocket Bra! Living in a big city, carrying a purse around every where can be a hassle but with my pocket bra I don't have to worry about my phone, credit cards, or cash because I know they are secure and close to me. My favorite thing about my pocket bra? It's sexy and lacy look that hides my items without any bulges showing through my shirt. I would buy one in every color if I could!
— Alyssa
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